Search Form

The search form can be used to search for a particular TRO(s) using three search criteria:

  • Reference number - If you make an appeal to the adjudicator and the local authority contests the appeal, the response it sends to you will identify the TRO on which it relies. If the TRO is in the library, the local authority should also identify the unique reference number given to that TRO in this library. Using this reference number will allow you to view that specific TRO.
  • Year – this will list any TROs, across all local authorities, made in a specific year
  • Title – this will enable you to search for TROs, across all local authorities, containing a particular word or words in the title (nb if you enter a local authority name, such as Glasgow, this will display any TROs with that name in the title, e.g. a TRO with the phrase Glasgow Road” in the title, not just those TROs made by that local authority).

Step 1 – input chosen search criterion and click “Search” at the bottom of the form. This will display a list of TROs in the library matching your search criterion;
Step 2- Click on the reference number in the left hand column of that list to view that TRO.

Reference Number: